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See a Problem? Among the eye-witness reports, there have been claims of UFOs, ghosts, mysterious lights, giant snakes, murders, disappearances, human and animal sacrifice, poltergeists and more! This really is one of the most haunted places in the state, not to mention one of the most bizarre! In Dogtown was established as a very respectable settlement. However, somewhere along the way, it gained itself a very bad reputation and by the early s, Dogtown was all but abandoned with only vagabonds and feral dogs calling it home.

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As the years passed, there were growing rumors that the residents of Dogtown had been practicing witchcraft. It was believed that Tammy Younger, aka Queen of the Witches, was placing curses on traders who strayed too close to the town. These rumors are supported by the fact that some strange words and phrases are carved into boulders around the town boundaries. These days the remains of Dogtown are open to hikers and although the witches themselves are long gone, many say that the surrounding woods remain cursed and there have been many unexplained occurrences reported!

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Spider Gates Cemetery gets its name from the distinctive design on the gates. The burial ground has been in use since and local legends state that it is a gate to another dimension! Among the creepy tales linked to the burial ground is a story of a young boy who hanged himself in the trees, ghostly sightings, strange noises and evidence that satanic rituals are conducted on a strange stone known as the altar!

In the s, there were rumors that the hospital was being operated by a Satanic Cult who would take patients into the basement to conduct dark rituals and even human sacrifices. There are apparently still some strange and unexplained markings on the walls of the basements, and while the hospital was still open, staff would attempt to go downstairs into the basement area only for them to feel something physically stopping them from reaching that bottom step! Staff also reported seeing a shadow man who would crawl along the walls and often lurked in corners watching the patients!

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The most famous resident of Taunton State Hospital was probably serial killer Jane Toppan who killed more than 31 people while working as a nurse. It is no wonder this abandoned hospital is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the US! The building that houses The Colonial Inn was originally built in , but it only started operating as a hotel in It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places and it is considered one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts.

Room 24 of the Inn is a focal point for the paranormal activity in the hotel. In a pair of newlyweds stayed in the room and the following morning they left quickly with the bride looking very pale. A few weeks later, the hotel was sent a letter from her explaining that she had woken to find a grey figure standing by her bed!

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Similar reports have been made ever since. Mary had dedicated herself to looking after her father and upon learning that both Mary and a trusted servant, Mrs.

A book seeks to chart all the dark and spirit-laden places in Ireland

Start a Wiki. Williams Aug 19 - Naomi J. Eventually, our guests went home, and I made it to the library about fifteen minutes before closing time. Whatever the reason is, the sudden drop in temperature and apparitions through walls of this gate can give you chills to the bones. Also the location of numerous sittings of the banshee or Bean Si — fairy woman or the spirit of death — the house has been investigated many times by paranormal investigators and a TV show, Destination Truth. Well, the backdrop of a cemetery is enough to give creeps and add in the factor of a beheaded ghost , all hell breaks loose. Please subscribe to sign in to comment.

Hutton, had died in the accident he was unable to forgive himself and ended up shooting himself in the basement of the house the following day. The mansion is now a Masonic Temple. For example, one of the masons says that he and his wife were in the records room when they both heard the sound of papers being shuffled. They looked around but no-one else was in the room. As the sound got louder the tow fled the building in fright!

On another occasion, 2 Masons were sitting in the building when the side door opened and shut with both hearing the distinctive sound of it. There were about 2 feet of snow on the ground that night and after the door was heard to close it was as though there was someone stomping their feet to knock off the snow. In , Captain Boyd, accompanied everywhere by his dog at his heels, became a hero when he organised the attempted rescue of more than ships and their crews wrecked between Howth and Wicklow heads during a storm.

On a stormy night, she was standing close to a window in one of the upper rooms to the east of the central porch tower when she was struck dead by lightning. The grim figure of her electrified body was burnt into the panes of glass for years after, until the house itself was burned down by the IRA.

And this man has written a book about them.

In this ninth novel of the Haunted Series: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a wedding looms on the horizon. Mia and Ted. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Something Old (Haunted Series Book 9) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from .

Yet even as the house crumbles, it is said that the apparition is seen staring through glassless windows. The derelict portion of the complex is said to be haunted by the desperate souls who ere condemned to live out their lives there. Paranormal investigators have seen ghosts of inmates and recorded their voices.

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Abhartach, the original male vampire — and arguably the first vampire legend in the world — is buried here, standing upright and upside down. When the drunken stranger collapsed in the morning, a servant removed his boots to reveal hairy cloven feet, and — later — hoof-marks seared into the floor by redhot feet. The sombre phantom music of an organ or harmonium can be heard emanating from the spooky ruins of this castellated Gothic fantasy built in with numerous heads of humans and animals carved into it and destroyed by fire years later. Also the location of numerous sittings of the banshee or Bean Si — fairy woman or the spirit of death — the house has been investigated many times by paranormal investigators and a TV show, Destination Truth.

A spectral foxhunt also haunts the grounds, led by a hunting obsessed horn-blowing Duckettte who is often seen in the neighbourhood these days. It was founded in by Richard Parsons, the ridiculously wealthy first Earl of Rosse and the first Grand Master of the Irish Freemasons, who gained a reputation as a sorcerer dabbling in black magic, using ancient Dionysian scrolls looted from the Great Library of Alexandria in He wrote a book, Dionysus Rising , and started the Sacred Sect of Dionysus to celebrate the joys of Bacchus and Venus, drinking and sex.

This later became the Hell-Fire Club, where giant screaming black cats were captured, caged and roasted until after four days the devil himself appeared to grant their wishes. This gaunt ruin is haunted by the menacing apparition of a red-haired girl, whose taunting cackles and screams are sometimes heard echoing from the walls. This is Red Mary, who dispatched her third husband by pushing him out a third-storey window and wed a total of 25 men, most of whom met early deaths in a similar fashion. The sadistic Mary kept a harem of young men disguised as maidservants while torturing her real female maids by cutting off their breasts and hanging them by their hair.

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This psychopath was eventually sealed alive by the locals into a hollow tree trunk where she starved to death. Visited by the TV show Ghost Hunters and deemed haunted by their expert paranormal investigators, Seafield was the height of 19th century luxury until one of the sons, Owen, brought home Egyptian mummies from his travels, stimulating the interest of a particularly powerful poltergeist that would shake the house and shatter the ornaments. Terrified servants saw a menacing dark figure and Jesuit priests had to be called in to perform failed exorcisms.

One of the Phibbs once fired a shot at IRA soldiers who were attempting to invade the house across the tennis court, which may or may not be as real a story as the dark figure seen wandering across the grounds and disappearing into Sligo Bay. In June , a photographs of the burnt-out and derelict castle were developed to reveal a person holding a sword and dressed in 18th c clothing, complete with thigh boots and hat, thought to be one of the Danish crew of the Golden Lyon, wrecked off Ballyheigue strand in the 18th c. Some believe the bullion is still buried there.

Earlier residents, the Cantillon family, would leave their dead in coffins on the beach for the mermen to take. To comment you must now be an Irish Times subscriber. Please subscribe to sign in to comment. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. For more information see our Cookie Policy. Looking for a haunting tonight? Kate Holmquist. Seafield House, Co Sligo.

The Abbey of the Black Hag, Co Limerick The Abbey of the Black Hag, Co Limerick Hidden in a secluded valley southeast of Shanagolden, are the remains of a medieval convent where the prioress, a lady of the FitzGeralds from Shanid Castle, terrified the local population with her use of the black arts and sexual practices. More from The Irish Times Books.

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